Tools of the trade for the serious actor

EPISODE 98: "How to be a Working Actor" Author Mari Lyn Henry (Cue Angel Choir!)

Darbi and Roz are kind of hyperventilating over today’s guest, Mari Lyn Henry. Author of the “Bible of the Biz,” Ms. Henry and her co-author Lynne Rogers have helped hundreds of thousands of actors embark upon their careers. Darbi and Roz both looked to this book when they were new to the industry and agree that if you can only buy one book on the business of acting, this should be the book. Hear what she had to say when Roz sat down with her recently. Darbi and Roz dish on the Oscars. Roz shares what she’s calling a “gig guffaw” and it turns out that Darbi has made the same guffaw! Learn from our mistakes. It’s what we’re here for. Enjoy.