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EPISODE 34: Make Your Own Way with Andrea Cianneveal

Darbi Worley interviews Andrea Ciannevai, star and writer of "Pretty Chin Up". "Pretty Chin Up", sponsored by LAB Theater Company, opens at the Public on May 15 and runs through June 2. Andrea Ciannavei serves as LAByrinth’s Literary Manager, and won the New York Independent International Film and Video Festival’s Grand Jury Prize for Best Supporting Actress for the film Pigeonholed. Her short plays include Employees Must Wash Hands, The Squeeze (both directed by Michele Chivu); Twelve Never Changes (directed by Laura Somers); and Murasaki at The Women’s Project Festival.Thanks to Maya in Chicago, who turns us on to a new podcast that you can listen to here. If you've ever wanted to listen in on a voice-over audition, here's your chance.