Tools of the trade for the serious actor

EPISODE 75: Actress/CD Bettina Bilger (aka The Episode in Which Darbi Seriously Loses her Shit)

This week, we welcome Bettina Bilger, who pulls double duty as an actress and casting director. Bettina is an extremely accessible, actor-friendly professional with a fresh perspective on casting. You’re going to love her. You can send your headshots to Bettina at bettinabilgercasting2@yahoo.com. Roz has a Coaching Chronicles and she reminds us that Red Wall Productions is having a screening /reading/party in celebration of the release of their DVD, Allergic to Nuts and Others. We also ask for some feedback from you guys about the future of the show and Darbi seriously loses her shit. You do NOT want to miss that. Darbi simply asks that you be kind and remember that all that emotion comes from the love of this profession and the hope that we are helping you live your dreams. Enjoy.