Tools of the trade for the serious actor

EPISODE 50 (!!!): Curtiss Cook

Ooooh-wee! This episode is smokin' hot! Darbi and Roz tackle the question...how do you handle sex and/or nudity in an audition!?!? We promise...this is the last R-rated "Behind the Scenes" for a while!

Speaking of hot, Curtiss Cook is ON FIRE! You will be inspired to get out there and hustle after you hear the enthusiasm and excitement of this emerging actor. And Roz has another Coaching Chronicles, recorded on location at the New York Fim Academy where she's teaching.

Congratulations to BOTH of our hosts this week. Roz booked an Equity showcase directed by non other than super hot casting director, Billy Hopkins, AND an episode of New Amsterdam. And Darbi has been cast in "Shoot the Messenger," a weekly satirical look at the latest news from Lizz Winstead (co-creator of The Daily Show) AND has been chosen to be the voice of "Conversations with Carlos Watson," a series of one-hour specials on NBC. These girls are sizzling! And we give credit to Everything Acting and our listeners for inspiring us and keeping us on our game.