Tools of the trade for the serious actor

EPISODE 151: Ron Simons: Actor Turned Successful Producer

Are you an actor looking to get into producing? Then this podcast is for you! Hear from actor and Tony award winning producer Ron Simons. When he's not at Sundance he's producing major motion pictures starring the likes of actors such as Kerry Washington. Join Roz as she flies solo with this eye opening and in-depth interview of an actor turned producer. Enjoy!

EPISODE 149: Actor Sharon Washington Shines

In this interview you hear Sharon Washington's journey from actor to an artist unafraid to shine bright.  2013 is her year. See what you can learn from a journey that started out rough...but got easier at it went along.

Roz flies solo in this one. It's a down and dirty edit but still totally inspirational and informative. Roz and Darbi will be back soon with more content.